Infinity pool or bath? Today’s sales pipeline by Phil Stubbs

Yes, I remember selling when all our contacts and prospects were kept in a file or a Rolodex and when we changed jobs they went with us. It took a while to ‘fill’ our bath – management would always tell us sales was like filling that bath – the water was our prospects and we needed to keep the water topped up. As we know with baths – too much water and they overflow.

Salespeople can only juggle so many balls – they have to keep filling the bath to replace the water that’s spilt out, the pipeline always needs topping up. Building up that pipeline is like painting the Forth Bridge – once you think you have finished you have to go back and start again. Sounds like a full time job – when does the selling take place? Very good question.

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to keep topping up the bath – if you had an ‘infinity pool’ that appeared to go on forever, never running dry and never overflowing.

Welcome to the world of ‘social selling’ – get it right and it will provide you with enough water (prospects and enquiries) to keep the pool full and you don’t have to worry about the supply. Social selling can provide inbound interest leaving more time to convert propects that are ready to take the ‘plunge’.

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