Is your social media digital skills gap still manageable?

Conversations I have with CEO’s, CMO’s and senior leaders often highlight a concern I have.

The social media digital skills gap is far too often overlooked.

What does that mean to you and your business?

It could be the difference between success and failure and hand an huge advantage to your competition

If your customers and prospects aren’t following and engaging with you and your business on a regular basis – they will be doing it with someone else

  • You need to have professional and visible personal branding
  • You need a ‘one in all in’ attitude to LinkedIn – don’t be happy with just a handful of employees being active
  • B2B social media is a world away from Facebook. It requires a skill set that many businesses don’t help their employees develop

You can sit and wait but this only guarantees one thing:

The gap will get bigger – in fact, leave it too long and it will become insurmountable.

You need to look at your employees, starting will all those that are customer facing or senior leadership positions. It’s unlikely they’ve had and in-depth training, coaching or mentoring.

Would you leave your business strategy to luck? Of course you wouldn’t, but without addressing the social media digital skills gap you’re relying on luck – any you have will soon run out as the gap grows.

Closing the gap isn’t something you can do in-house or by getting employees to read a handbook. It takes recognition, acceptance and commitment.

You need someone that has taken the journey before you, creating success over decades dealing with customers in competitive markets through the changing digital landscape. Someone that understands the digital journey we need to take, not settling into a comfort zone – someone used to calculated risks and staying ahead of the game. My global clients have this.