More people see your content on social media than you could ever imagine

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‘Yes, he doesn’t drink, does yoga and goes to watch lots of football.’

That’s what a lady said when asked if she knew me. We were at a work reunion I recently attended but I’d never worked with her. Earlier that evening an old colleague I hadn’t seen for years, remarked ‘I hope this comes across how it’s meant – you seem to be an insightful businessman on LinkedIn’. It turned out he read lots of my posts and articles – but never ‘liked’, commented or shared any of them.

These are great examples of social and social selling. I don’t have to know who is looking at my content, I put lots out there and it’s up to the individual if they want to read it. I don’t force my content onto anyone and I don’t send out any of my blogs by email. I post on LinkedIn, I tweet and share content on Instagram. A quick side note – at Digital Leadership Associates we don’t use email – we actually deleted our database of addresses when GDPR kicked in. It’s an ineffective channel.

Just as social media gives the individual control over what they want to view, social selling gives control to the buyer and decision maker. They can choose what to view, who to follow and who to converse with. No one is forcing them.

If you ran a reputable shop you wouldn’t run into the street and drag people to your store so you can show them what you had on sale. So why would you directly bombard people with content or offers they most probably aren’t interested in. Why would you hassle people with cold calls because you have a target to hit, and, let’s be honest, you don’t really care who buys from you or if they really need what you are selling? Of course, you wouldn’t – you’re a professional.

So, let me ask you this. Do you believe in yourself and your product, service or solution, enough to rely on people coming to you because of what you’ve posted on social media? If you don’t, maybe you need some help with your approach to social selling or it’s time to switch jobs.

At a meeting earlier this week I drew, on a flip chart, the good old sales funnel. I spoke about how we get leads in at the top and being salespeople, we quickly qualify as much out as we can but we tell the boss we are qualifying the leads ‘in’. All we are interested in is getting to the sweet spot at the base of the funnel – when we get a sale. I then flipped the page over and drew what life is like with social selling. It’s a perpetual cycle – people ‘drop’ into my world whenever they want. I don’t force them to stick around and I don’t force them to read anything I post. They can also exit when they want. Or, choose to dip in and out when they want and engage with me when they want.

My audience on social is far too big for me to know everyone and add them to a fudged excel pipeline. I generate inbound without spending a penny………..

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