Impatience is a virtue

The online world, whether it be via desktop/laptop, tablet or mobile device paves the way for us to engage in many micro moments. These are intent-rich occasions when choices are made. So it would make sense that consumers with intent would want to ‘KNOW – GO – DO – BUY‘ with as little fuss as possible. Simple? You would think so.

We have all been there – a website that takes too long to load (50% of consumers will abort a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load), scrolling up and down trying to find a contact button – or having to navigate a ‘digital maze’ just to find what we need. Why does this still happen?

By nature, we have become more impatient – we expect to be served in a timely fashion so we can get back to posting a clip of dogs on Facebook or taking a swipe at a defenceless celebrity on Twitter! Agreed? Then why do so many brands forget about providing assistance for us to enjoy our micro moments?

Maybe some of it is ego – “sorry potential customer, you will need to read a few paragraphs about how great we are before you can buy something from us”. Perhaps its an over zealous web design agency that wants to include all the latest bells and whistles on a homepage to impress the client.

I like comparing the digital world to a bricks and mortar store – it has to have kerb appeal, an engaging window and a welcoming entrance (homepage). Side and rear doors also have to be appealing and have the same feel as the front door (landing pages). Plus, this is the easy bit – it has to be really easy for visitors to walk from department to department or pop in find what they want and leave happy (customer journey and experience).

Don’t make it hard – we are impatient, don’t look after our needs in a timely fashion and we are off to find someone that will.

For consumers ‘Impatience is a virtue’ – more doing, less planning.

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